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At this end, you win. I strongly doubt you have won what you truly want. I strongly doubt you have won what you need. I doubt this win will leave you feeling the arousal you felt upon signing over the paperwork on the house with your second husband. I doubt you will feel the same arousal you felt on winning the legal battle with your first husband. I have no doubts there will be times you will lay awake at night with the angry words going through your mind.

I have no doubts you will lay awake with the recriminations playing again and again. I have no doubt you go through wondering what went wrong and why things couldn’t have been better. It does not matter how many sleepless nights you go through. I won’t be there, ever. I won’t tell you anything will be alright. I won’t tell you that anything can be repaired. I won’t tell you that you are forgiven, I won’t tell you yet.

I won’t tell you I would want to be friends or stay in contact. It will end. It will be final. You will have to live with the scars you created for the rest of your life. You will live with the person you truly were, and that person was very ugly through and through. I truly hope you find your win at least as bitter for you to accept as the loss is for me to accept.

Among so many men in the world, I truly never deserved the way you treated me. I truly never deserved to be lied to. I truly never deserved for you to take advantage of my kindness and integrity so that you could have more enjoyment in your vacation. In the end, I never deserved to have someone like you to come in my life to hurt me emotionally and financially. This is your win Ms. LeTourneau

Money Recovery

If I could have filed a lawsuit against you to recover that money, I absolutely would have. I truly believe you became low-life scum because of that action. You will never have the chance to change that perception of you. You will never know a moment in your life where I feel you had any entitlement to that money. It doesn’t matter what you tell yourself. It doesn’t matter how many friends tell you differently. It does not matter what other people tell you.

The real truth is that it was because of you that I collapsed emotionally. The real truth is that you are a person who did lie to me. You are a person who displayed no compassion of any sort to what I felt and what I went through. You will be that person for the remainder of your life. You will be that person in the afterlife. It is something that you cannot change now.

You cannot change it because you win through your stubbornness to try in any way shape or form to be a better person. You win because you refuse to show real integrity in regards to this money. You win because you lowered yourself to changing stories and telling lies. You win because I am tired of asking you to be a decent person. I am tired of asking you to do what is morally right. I am tired of asking you to give consideration to my thoughts and feelings.

Message for Sulpicia

You Win, I Lose. I am just simply tired of asking for you to do what is morally right to do. I am tired of repeating myself against your stubbornness. I am tired of trying to communicate my side to you when you simply refuse to acknowledge anything. This is a complete and final end. You won’t get a chance to apologize for taking advantage of me the way that you did. You won’t get to apologize for lying to me. You won’t get to apologize for the broken promises.

You won’t get to apologize for anything you ever said or did. You will not be forgiven for lying to me. You will not be forgiven for taking money from me that you knew you never had a right to take. You have always known that I sent you money for the plane ticket. You have always known you used that ticket to travel to Mexico for your own personal vacation while my son and I were left to struggle financially. It doesn’t matter now what you change your story to say.

I know the truth that you always knew what that money was for. The remainder of your life, you will live with telling the lies that you told. The remainder of your life, you will live with the knowledge that you hurt someone so deeply that he was left collapsed emotionally. The remainder of your life, you will live with the knowledge that that same man hates and despises you every bit as much as you claim to hate your first husband. You should know that the people who know me and care about me were shocked that anyone could treat me the way that you did.

You should know that some of those same people hate and despise you even more than I do because of what you did to me. You should always know that I am not the only person who strongly believes you are morally bankrupt. You will not have the opportunity to change that. When it comes to my friends and I, you will not have the opportunity to say that you are a decent person. You will never have the opportunity to say that you have a kind and caring heart.

Broken Promises

Ok, look at the broken promises. She promised to communicate. She stopped communicating. She promised to not be controlling. She expected me to do exactly what she wanted and stopped communicating because I didn’t (what I did was keep trying to communicate with her). She promised to treat me well. She treated me like crap, which led to my emotional breakdown. She promised to be honest with me beyond normal. She failed completely in that promise.

Right now that woman has no redeeming qualities. It is my sincere hope that she never enters into another relationship with a man. I sincerely hope there is not another man on this earth who has to endure her as myself, her ex-husband, and so many others already have. It is my sincere hope that the truth about her excessively ugly nature becomes revealed to all of her friends and that they know her for what she truly is. The woman who uses (or used) the handle Sulpicia has no redeeming qualities. Maybe she wants to be a good person, but she has a lot of work to do in order to be anything resembling a good person.

She has a lot of making up to do to all the men she has willingly and knowingly hurt without any signs of remorse. I know I am not the only one. For me, returning the money that she has absolutely no right to keep would be a huge sign toward showing that she is capable of basic human decency. Maybe the only woman any man should ever trust is a prostitute. At least they are honest enough to admit to a man that they will fuck him for his money.

Buyer Beware

I used to think her ex-husband was a true cad for asking for a divorce from her while she was recovering from neck surgery. I understand now. When she first left, he felt like a weight had been lifted from his shoulders and he realized that she was that weight. That she was crushing him as surely as a mountain would. He was so suffocated that he had to be free from her.

He couldn’t bear the thought of spending another day with her, and so he did what he had to do in order to get free from this woman who had nearly ruined the man that he truly was. I wish her parents could know everything she did. I wish they could know all of the lies. I wish they could know all of the torment her ex-husband went through. I wish they could know how she used and took advantage of a man within months of him losing his wife.

Then they could know they completely failed in raising in a decent human being. They could know that what they raised is a liar who has no remorse about taking advantage of decent men. There is a reason she had that smackdown last summer where she was told angrily that she didn’t know how to love. Once again, another man has learned the harsh lesson of what a horrible person she is.

As for what she lied about. She said her cell phone bill went up just over $1000 due to calls between her and I. She used silence to lie about taking money from me that indirectly funded her trip to Mexico. When I asked for it back, she told me the cell phone bill was over $3000. Is there anything she ever said that could be the truth? I don’t think so, once a liar, always a liar. Is that enough proof? Probably not.

The Liar

I wish every man in the world (especially Canada, especially in or visiting the Northwest Territories) could know what her ex-husband and I know. We know that she is unworthy of a relationship with any man. She will tell people that she is not controlling, but you better do exactly what she says, exactly when she says it, and exactly the way she wants it done or she will be sure to make sure you pay dearly.

I wish that people would give her (and others like her) their voice of disapproval and let her know that there is nothing acceptable about her behavior. There is nothing acceptable about treating people badly just because they don’t do what you tell them to do. There is nothing acceptable about lying to people. There is nothing acceptable about taking advantage of a person going through grief in the loss of a spouse. I guess it won’t really happen that way though. She is just smart enough and willing to lie enough to make people think she is the victim.

I guess if getting away with abusing someone emotionally makes one a victim. Then she is a victim. If taking money from someone who is emotionally distraught makes a person a victim. Then she is a victim. If using men only for her own self serving purposes makes someone a victim, then she is a victim. Otherwise, she is only a liar who refuses to acknowledge what she has done wrong to others in her life.