The Liar

I wish every man in the world (especially Canada, especially in or visiting the Northwest Territories) could know what her ex-husband and I know. We know that she is unworthy of a relationship with any man. She will tell people that she is not controlling, but you better do exactly what she says, exactly when she says it, and exactly the way she wants it done or she will be sure to make sure you pay dearly.

I wish that people would give her (and others like her) their voice of disapproval and let her know that there is nothing acceptable about her behavior. There is nothing acceptable about treating people badly just because they don’t do what you tell them to do. There is nothing acceptable about lying to people. There is nothing acceptable about taking advantage of a person going through grief in the loss of a spouse. I guess it won’t really happen that way though. She is just smart enough and willing to lie enough to make people think she is the victim.

I guess if getting away with abusing someone emotionally makes one a victim. Then she is a victim. If taking money from someone who is emotionally distraught makes a person a victim. Then she is a victim. If using men only for her own self serving purposes makes someone a victim, then she is a victim. Otherwise, she is only a liar who refuses to acknowledge what she has done wrong to others in her life.

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