Sex on The Beach

Is the name of a cocktail, and an extremely enjoyable activity, as we found out last week. We met and walked down a stony path to a secluded beach that I have known for years, surrounded by cliffs, and known locally as an informal ‘clothes optional’ venue. We arrived early and picked our spot as the tide was going down. I stripped off first. She was wearing nothing under her sun dress, and it soon came off as we stood, facing each other, feeling the sensuous twins of gentle breeze and strong sunshine on our naked bodies.

Slowly, gently and sensuously, we massaged oil onto each others' bodies. “I have never done this before,” she said, “being naked on a beach.” I think it is one of life’s most wonderful pleasures and it was great to introduce her to the sensation. “I feel so horny,” she added as she kneeled in front of me and took gently my cock in her mouth. I stroked her hair, occasionally looking around to check that we were still alone.

The freighters anchored out in the bay probably had their high resolution telescopes trained on us. I stopped her before I came and we stood, naked, kissing on that deserted beach, hearing the sounds of the waves crashing. My finger found her very moist pussy. “You’re not going to give me a knee trembler?” she asked. I didn’t reply, but she soon had her answer, as her knees buckled under her and I had to hold her up as she came, the first of many times that day.