I Don't Want Her Here

I do not want her here at my blog. Nor do I want her to respond because I have come to believe that she does not understand what love is, and that she does not have any understanding of what it means to care for another human being.

I have no trust or faith in her and I do not want her to be able to ever reach in and cut me again like she has done so many times. My trust in her is so low that I would not even accept an apology from her unless she offered proof of her sincerity first. I cannot believe she is either capable or willing to offer anything that resembles proof.

I can only believe she would offer excuses and justifications for her actions and words. I have no interest in why she felt justified in cutting into me as she did. I have no interest in her excuses for not being able to love and care for someone despite her words that she did.