Broken Promises

Ok, look at the broken promises. She promised to communicate. She stopped communicating. She promised to not be controlling. She expected me to do exactly what she wanted and stopped communicating because I didn’t (what I did was keep trying to communicate with her). She promised to treat me well. She treated me like crap, which led to my emotional breakdown. She promised to be honest with me beyond normal. She failed completely in that promise.

Right now that woman has no redeeming qualities. It is my sincere hope that she never enters into another relationship with a man. I sincerely hope there is not another man on this earth who has to endure her as myself, her ex-husband, and so many others already have. It is my sincere hope that the truth about her excessively ugly nature becomes revealed to all of her friends and that they know her for what she truly is. The woman who uses (or used) the handle Sulpicia has no redeeming qualities. Maybe she wants to be a good person, but she has a lot of work to do in order to be anything resembling a good person.

She has a lot of making up to do to all the men she has willingly and knowingly hurt without any signs of remorse. I know I am not the only one. For me, returning the money that she has absolutely no right to keep would be a huge sign toward showing that she is capable of basic human decency. Maybe the only woman any man should ever trust is a prostitute. At least they are honest enough to admit to a man that they will fuck him for his money.

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