Money Recovery

If I could have filed a lawsuit against you to recover that money, I absolutely would have. I truly believe you became low-life scum because of that action. You will never have the chance to change that perception of you. You will never know a moment in your life where I feel you had any entitlement to that money. It doesn’t matter what you tell yourself. It doesn’t matter how many friends tell you differently. It does not matter what other people tell you.

The real truth is that it was because of you that I collapsed emotionally. The real truth is that you are a person who did lie to me. You are a person who displayed no compassion of any sort to what I felt and what I went through. You will be that person for the remainder of your life. You will be that person in the afterlife. It is something that you cannot change now.

You cannot change it because you win through your stubbornness to try in any way shape or form to be a better person. You win because you refuse to show real integrity in regards to this money. You win because you lowered yourself to changing stories and telling lies. You win because I am tired of asking you to be a decent person. I am tired of asking you to do what is morally right. I am tired of asking you to give consideration to my thoughts and feelings.

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