Man’s Libido

A man’s libido starts declining from about the age of 19 (I understand that a woman's libido reaches a peak between the ages of 35 to 45). I have been lucky in that my decline seems to have been very slow, but I know it’s there. In a way, I can enjoy sex more now, because I don’t need it so often, so I can store up the energy for a week and then the release is so much more intense.

Now, believe this if you will! Back in 1997 I kept a diary. That year we had been married for 27 years, and my wife and I fucked 87 times, she gave me a hand job eight times, we did anal sex twice and I wanked on my own 47 times. That means I came 144 times (nearly three times a week). And don’t worry, I only kept that diary for a year (well, four years, actually, but looking back, the statistics don’t vary much between 1994 and 1997).

I have no idea what the figures would be now, and I don’t want to keep a similar diary. But last week was pretty good. My mistress and I fucked once (well, a lot of times actually in the couple of hours we had, but it was on one occasion and I only came once), my wife and I fucked once and I masturbated once. Maybe I can still remember the man I was 13 years ago :)

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