Recently I remembered exactly why I was so drawn to her, and why I wanted her so much as I did. Then I was reminded what it is about her that I do not like. I am going back to what I once said in a previous post. I do not believe she understands what love is, and I do not believe she really understands what it means to care about another human being.

I won't tell her not to read my blog anymore. It may be time to close the door here and open another door (or window) elsewhere. I am working on rebuilding, and for my loyal readers and more, I will provide an update on where to find me.

She can hide in such a way that I would never know if she is reading. Maybe that is what she prefers or maybe not... I dont know what to think anymore. For now, the Dom is back in his quiet room. Probably reading a good erotic book. The weak one is wearing his chains and locked in his room. I doubt he will be allowed to come back out anytime soon.

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